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Belinda answers your floral questions

Belinda Ballard-Mussett is the owner of Manotick Florists & Gifts, located in the Mews of Manotick shopping center. Belinda began working in the flower shop with her Mother, Wendy Ballard over 30 years ago helping her create the romance of Valentine’s Day and weddings! With a Social Work Degree and Life Coach back ground Belinda continued on to college to become a certified floral designer. “I am lucky to be indulging a passion that is both creative and makes people happy. Flowers are emotions that are put into design.” Since her mother’s passing eight years ago Belinda has been in the shop to continue the legacy of personal service and attention to detail for every customer.

If you have a question about flowers, plants, service etc… fill out and submit the form below or contact Belinda or one of her qualified staff at 613-692-2541

What is required to book my wedding date with Manotick Florists and when should I do this?

We usually suggest that you secure your wedding date with us when you are sure of your date and comfortable knowing that you would like us to help you with your special day. A confirmed wedding date (with a paid deposit) is a promise, like the commitment that you both are making to each other, it is a serious matter. By the time you book your wedding date with us and pay the non-refundable deposit, we will have already been working on your wedding, by providing crucial information and hours of personal service, spending hours "behind the scenes" in our office, employing a staff, etc., to do all this work for you. Waiting too long can result in disappointment if others book before you. We are very careful to not over extend ourselves in order to provide timely service on your wedding day.

What should I bring to my wedding flower consultation?

Being prepared makes the appointment go much more smoothly. Choosing your wedding flowers can be very confusing. I suggest that you spend some time surfing the net and paging through wedding magazines to look at flower pictures. When you see something you like, make a copy or rip it out!! Sometimes it might be the color, or the texture of the bouquet, or even just how the ribbon or other accents such as pearls or rhinestones are used. Believe it or not, these pictures will help to create a vision of both what you would love and not love in your wedding flowers!

Bring pictures of your gown, the bride’s maids dresses, tuxes and swatches of fabrics are also a must! Don’t forget to make a list of all the personal flowers you will need for special family members such as parents, grandparents, readers, etc. If you have a list, you’ll be less likely to forget someone!
If you don’t know what you want don’t worry! We have lots of books and magazines in our “library” that we can go through together.

I am on a tight budget? Are my options limited?

You would be surprised at how many fairy-tale weddings we have created on a budget. With a little planning and a whole lot of creativity we can come up with something that you will be excited about.....and your budget!