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Corporate Services & Events

Manotick Florists are the leaders in creative floristry in both corporate events and the workplace. Each week Manotick Florists’ beautifully arranged flowers brighten restaurants, hotels, retailers, small and large corporations.

Manotick Florists offer a full range of services specifically for our corporate clients:
• On site consultations
• Floral arrangements for your lobby or office delivered regularly
• Plant arrangements for your lobby or office with maintenance care
• Corporate gifts customized for staff or clients
• Corporate special events small and large
• Seasonal floral service and gift giving
• Corporate accounts

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Office Flowers

Flowers have a positive physiological and psychological effect creating a more relaxed and creative working environment. Enhance your image with flowers in your reception area creating a warm, welcoming and positive impression for your visitors’ first impression. Our florists are experienced at creating customized floral designs that are appropriate for your company’s business size and style.

Our corporate flower service includes:
• Custom designed floral arrangements
• Weekly change of flowers
• Optional mid-week change also available
• Change your choice of flowers as often as you want
• Wide range of containers, vases and pots to choose from
• Flexible payment terms and accounts

Call to talk to our corporate florists or for an on-site consultation 613-692-2541.

Silk Flower Arrangements and Plants

Silk flowers can enhance your décor with continual fresh and vibrant appearance in almost any conditions. Manotick Florists’ custom designed silk flower arrangements and artificial plant displays are changed with the seasons which keep the look realist and current.
The health benefits of live plants are wonderful but unfortunately not all areas of a building are suitable for live foliage. Inadequate lighting, draught spots or high volumes of foot traffic can have a major effect on how a plant thrives in these less than perfect conditions. In situations like these we recommend artificial plants to achieve you the same image and planting effect. We offer a wide range of replica and silk plants, from simple desktop planters to 7 foot trees. Manotick Florists will dress and design your artificial plants in your choice of many designer containers that will suite your business’ image and arrange a program of regular cleaning and up keeping.

Call to talk to our corporate florists or for an on-site consultation 613-692-2541.

Indoor Tropical Plants and Plant Displays

Most successful office and commercial environments today seldom designed without interior tropical plant displays. Manotick Florists supplies and maintains indoor office plants and interior plant displays for offices in the greater Ottawa and Valley area. Working closely with the business managers we create interior tropical plant displays that not only creates a lasting impression on both your clients and employees but we help improve the quality of the air you breath and increase the creativity and productivity in the working environment. Our excellent reputation is prided by our experienced and certified tropical plant specialist and designer.
Indoor air pollution and low humidity are now ranked as one of the top five threats to public health. Everyday while at work in our offices we are constantly bombarded with toxic fumes, from carpets, furniture, office cleaning products, computers, printers and photocopiers. Exposure to these chemicals can result in a general feeling of being under the weather, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and respiratory complaints - or even severe allergic reactions. Unless combated this can often lead to poor concentration and even increases in sick leave. The last ten years NASA has done many studies with published results showing the following:
• Office Plants emit oxygen
• Office Plants clean the air
• Office Plants reduce stress
• Office Plants reduce minor ailments
• Office Plants reduce staff absence
• Office Plants improve concentration and increase productivity
• Office Plants can help save energy
• Office Plants reduce dust pollution
• Office Plants reduce noise
• Office Plants can be used to provide shade

Call our corporate designer and plant specialists for more information or for an on-site consultation 613-692-2541.

Plant Installation and Maintenance

Manotick Florists will install and maintain your office plants and plant displays by a certified plant specialist. As a part of our maintenance service we will:
• Water and fertilize as necessary
• Dust, clean and prune the plants as needed
• Inspect for pest and diseases. Treat if necessary with non-toxic products
• We are fully insured against personal injury and property damage
• Corporate accounts, contract and payment terms

Call us to find out more information or to talk to our corporate specialist or for an on-site consultation 613-692-2541

Corporate Special Events

Our floral designs are used to delight any size of event from dinners for 1,000 people to a small VIP client event. A specially designed floral plan will dramatically add atmosphere to any event. Our floral designs are used successfully in a wide range of venues from leading hotels, conference centers and private homes.
No event is too small or too large for Manotick Florists’ designers. We are more than happy to discuss your event’s floral needs.

Call us for additional information on flowers for events 613-692-2541

Corporate Gifts

Flowers and Gift Baskets help establish and re-establish relationships. A gift from Manotick Florists conveys appreciation or sincere thanks to a valued customer. A floral arrangement delivered to an employee or client can say "well done" or “congratulations". Send one of our own arrangements or gift baskets or our designers can customize one that becomes your own “signature gift” reflecting your business image.
Be it staff motivation, a client incentive or to send congratulations or condolences, flowers will communicate your message in a thoughtful way. We can set your business up with and account that is an easy “call-as-you-need” or combined with a prearranged auto send program.
For information specific to your needs please call our corporate specialist 613-692-2541.

Seasonal Corporate Gifts

We all like to celebrate the holiday seasons with gift giving and so do we! Along with designing your special holiday gift for your clients or staff members, our gift to you is the special holiday discounts that we offer only to our corporate customers!
We have our own delivery vans and professional delivery staff who deliver throughout the Greater Ottawa area and Ottawa Valley. For those customers and offices out of the area we have an out-of-town service as well! We do our best with our years of experience to make your multiple gift-giving programs affordable and easy to do.
Show your appreciation, send holiday messages and leave a lasting impression with a floral gift or gift basket specially designed for them by Manotick Florists.

Call us today to design and plan your special holiday gift giving 613-692-2541.